Here’s Your First Look at Budweiser’s New Super Bowl Ad



Super Bowl weekend is upon us and for my fellow equestrians, I just have one question: ARE YOU READY FOR SOME CLYDESDALES?!

[just say “YES” so we can get on with it…great, thank you]

For many, the Super Bowl is essentially a parade of well (or ill)-conceived, over-the-top advertisements interspersed with hard-hitting (but not too hard!) football action.

The King of Brews has been the King of the Super Bowl brand bonanza for the past couple of years, thanks to its impossibly delightful combination of Clydesdales and puppies. Last year, however, Anhueser-Busch announced it will be shifting its advertising focus, saying goodbye to the pooch and lessening the load on their iconic equines.

That strategy is evident in this year’s Super Bowl ensemble. The Clydesdales are here and regal as ever, but it’s clear the company is using its primetime pulpit to wage war on the ever-expanding craft beer movement.

So take heed all you Henry Hipsters, with your high-grav IPA’s served with a wedge of citrus. This Bud is particularly for you.

That’s a heavy dose of fog, testosterone and America right there. A far cry from the tear-fest of puppies past.

If you’re hankering for more horse, Good Morning America braved the fog machines and went behind the scenes on the set of the commercial, which is actually pretty interesting.

So there you go. A little less dog and pony show, a lot more craft beer shaming. We’re still partial to this one:


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