TV meets Internet of Things

Hylke Sprangers

CTO at Talpa

Last night Talpa introduced a new content innovation during the final of The Voice of Holland, which was won by Maan. The live TV show was combined with connected home lighting. Each live performance was accompanied by a special light show, straight into the living room of the viewer. TV meets IoT!

In the near future we will live in a connected world of smart cities, smart travel and smart homes. The Internet of Things – the ability to connect devices everywhere – will transform our lives, aiming at a better, smarter, more economic service.

The notion of a smart home that you can control from your mobile phone is very much a reality now. For example, we now have connected dishwashers and washing machines, remote-controlled thermostats and even smart smoke and CO2 sensors. All these smart devices are tasked to make life easier, more efficient, safer or cheaper.

But connected lighting has the ability to become the real cornerstone of the Internet of Things. Being used every day by everyone in every household, lighting is recognized as the number one interest in smart homes. Simply because it does not only increase convenience, it also enhances experience. Light affects our mood, perception and our happiness.

That’s why it is so interesting to combine television shows with connected lighting at home. It enhances the viewer experience, which is always the primary goal of Connected Content. And that’s just what we did last night at The Voice of Holland. Music and lighting provide the perfect opportunity to create new immersive experiences in smart homes. Being able to perform live songs on TV while at the same time kicking off synchronized light shows in the living room, gives an incredible viewer experience.

Last night, during the final of The Voice of Holland on RTL, it was be the first-time ever that a live TV show was combined with connected home lighting. Together with Royal Philips, Talpa has integrated the Philips Hue wireless lighting system into The Voice Global app to create a truly synchronized, immersive light experience.

TV meets Internet of Things

How did we do this?

The Voice Global app for iOS and Android acts as the technology bridge between the TV broadcast and the connected lighting at home. The Voice Global app listens to the TV audio signal during broadcast and extracts time code data – imperceptible for the viewer – to perfectly synchronize the app and light experience with the TV broadcast. By connecting the app with the Philips Hue home lighting system, special light shows are fired in real-time during each performance. The app controls both individual and groups of light bulbs to change colors, transitions and brightness – all in perfect sync with the live performances on TV.

Ladies and Gentlemen, get connected and enjoy the (light) show!


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