How Entrepreneurs are like the Pilgrims!

Being an Entrepreneur has it’s perks, so as the Entrepreneurs Wingman, we thought we’d let you in on a few secrets. We’d like to think we’re a bit like those Pilgrims- heading into unknown territory and creating a brave new world.

In the spirit of Turkey Day, we’d like to share and give thanks!

Sense of Purpose – Forget the days of dread. Entrepreneurs wake up with a sense of purpose. We truly feel we can change the world. Maybe it’s egotistical or altruistic, either way, someone has to do it 🙂

 We are Real – We don’t need to dress up and wear suites to impress ourselves or anyone else. Our passion is our guide and we have the innate feeling that what we are doing is important. Hell, we’ll even wear our pajamas all day when we get in the zone. Posturing not necessary.

 The Entrepreneurial Lifestyle – Sleep in, work late, work from a cafe or a park or heck, even Bali. It doesn’t matter where you are, you’ll get things done because you have the flexibility and inspiration to fuel that fire. Want to see a movie midday? Go for it!  Want to take a long trip to visit your family; you can! You get to live by your values- Not someone elses.

Personal Responsibility – To be an entrepreneur, one must take on a higher level of personal responsibility. We think we can. We think we rock. We think our idea will change the world and it will. If a guy in a black turtle neck and glasses can do it- so can we.

We’re in the Drivers Seat – ‘You say who, you say when, you say who!’  Entrepreneurs don’t wait for someone to give us permission to do something cool and new. We can do whatever we think is best for business. No ‘it’s protocol,’ no ‘your manager will review.’ Whatever you can imagine- you can create.

No Performance Cap – No one can put a valuation on your performance. We get to decide when to work, when to play, how much to price and how much we want to make. At the end of the day- there is no one to blame, and that can be empowering.

The ‘American Dream’ – Growing up, we humans are asked what we want to be when we grow up. No one says ‘Mommy, I want to have a mediocre middle management job.’ We dream big and being mediocre isn’t an option. What we imagine, we get to see come to life. If that isn’t the definition of the American Dream. I don’t know what is.

For more entrepreneurial inspiration, head on over to and tell us what you’re thankful for this season!




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